Texas Justice Foundation

It has been two years since President Bush nominated Justice Priscilla Owen for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Texas Justice Foundation, the Free Market Foundation, Texas Citizens for A Sound Economy, and Texas Eagle Forum stand together in condemning the Senate Democrats’ action in blocking a vote on the nomination by the U.S. Senate.

The groups believe the Senate Democrats’ action on Owen and on Miguel Estrada to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is obstruction of justice.

Justice Priscilla Owen is unanimously rated as well qualified by the American Bar Association. She was overwhelmingly endorsed by Texas newspapers and overwhelmingly elected by the people of Texas. Miguel Estrada, who is also well-qualified, is a victim of ethnic discrimination.

In addition to insulting the people of Texas, the procedure of not allowing their nominations to go to the full Senate subverts the advise and consent role of the Senate as a whole.

Contact Information:

Kelly Shackelford, Free Market Foundation — 972-423-8889

Peggy Venable, Citizens for a Sound Economy — 512-476-5905

Cathie Adams, Texas Eagle Forum — 972-250-0734