The Incremental Movement

How did the United States government expand from its humble beginnings in the 1700s (when the government struggled for funds under the Articles of Confederation) to the monstrosity it is today? Step by step. That is how change generally occurs. On occasion, there are grand, dramatic movements, but more often it is the incremental steps, at times almost imperceptible, that result in big changes later on. It is due to their largely imperceptible nature that these changes can be so dangerous.

The FreedomWorks blog points out the incremental movement toward universal health care. Instead of arguing for a full conversion (which probably would meet with stiffer resistance), bills like the SCHIP expansion increase coverage of government provided-taxpayer funded health care. Fighting these smaller battles can be much easier (after all, it’s for the poor, or the children and it doesn’t make that much of a difference).

It is not by losing an ultimate battle against a dictator that American will lose its freedom, but by letting all of the smaller battles along the way slip by – too often without even noticing them.