The trouble with Kevin Mannix. (Hint: $$$)

So, Kevin Mannix announced today that he’s running for Congress. This is going to be fun.

For all the national media and activists coming to BlueOregon today to learn more about Kevin, here’s a recap: He’s a former Democrat who became a Republican when his brand of right-wing politics was no longer welcome in our party. He’s a four-time statewide loser (twice AG, twice Governor) who seems addicted to building prisons through ballot measures.

But Kevin’s always had trouble with money. And it’s liable to only get worse running for Congress.

Here’s just a few of the greatest hits from BlueOregon’s past coverage:

Kevin Mannix and the Millionaire Sex Weirdo, February 9, 2006.

[Millionaire and sexual hypnotist Loren] Parks gave Mannix $350,000 for his governor’s race, $310,000 for an AG run and $361,800 to Mannix’s law firm (which then turned around and paid Mannix $327,000 for “research.” As David Sarasohn pointed out in a column in 2002, the Republican candidate has become Park’s “Million-dollar Mannix.” …
It’s a strange relationship, made even more strange by Park’s interest in – and there is no other way to describe it – sexual weirdness. How does Mannix, a social and religious conservative, reconcile himself to Park’s proclivities?

Mannix personally pockets campaign cash, April 9, 2006.

The Oregonian finally breaks the long-rumored story about Kevin Mannix, his campaign funds, and his personal finances. In short, large sums of money were donated to his various campaign committees, sometimes transferred to other campaign commitees, and ultimately landed in his personal bank account.
Since 1996, political committees or foundations controlled by Mannix have paid $838,000 to his law firm, other businesses or personal accounts. On multiple occasions, money moved several times — from donor, to campaign or foundation, then into one of Mannix’s private enterprises — all in a single day.
What did Kevin Mannix do for $200,000?, March 12, 2007.

It seems that Kevin Mannix raked in over $200,000 for “fundraising consulting” in 2005 for the nonprofit arm of Freedomworks, the national anti-government organization that’s been using Oregon as its personal petri dish. …
Why would a national right-wing group give $200,000 to the chairman of the Oregon GOP and an all-but-announced candidate for governor?

Is Kevin Mannix planning a campaign money scam?, February 19, 2008.

Now, I’m no election lawyer. But as I understand it, a federal candidate can’t raise money for a state campaign committee. But it’s unclear whether that state campaign committee could use a federal candidate as the chief spokesman for a ballot measure.
Could Kevin Mannix be planning to run for Congress – while using a well-funded no-limits ballot measure committee to pay for the bulk of his television time?

If so, he’d be making a mockery of the nation’s campaign finance laws — and would likely face investigation, prosecution, and fines. Unfortunately for all of us, the FEC is notorious for getting deadlocked in their judgments and taking years and years to issue rulings.

Smith dispatches aide to rescue OR GOP, while former Mannix aide returns to “help” Mannix, February 27, 2008.

It seems that the Oregon Republican Party is in need of rescuing… Why does the party need to make changes? Because it’s been run into the ground.
As of Jan. 31, the party listed nearly $300,000 in debts, including a $34,000 lien from the IRS for unpaid payroll taxes. Party officials have said they have made progress since then in paying off the tax lien.
Good news for Democrats: Amy Langdon, who was the party executive director who was the captain of that sinking ship, will now – apparently – go work for Kevin Mannix’s apparent run for Congress.

Langdon ran Kevin Mannix’s 2002 campaign for governor and took over the party post after he became the GOP chairman in 2003. According to one GOP source, Langon will likely go to work for Mannix’s expected campaign for the 5th congressional district seat.
Like I said, this is going to be fun. And not just for bloggers. I’m sure the media – local and national – will enjoy digging into Mannix’s Money Madness.