Top Ten Reasons to Support Adam Kwasman for U.S. Congress

  1. Adam Kwasman voted against allowing school boards to increase property taxes to pay for

  2. Adam Kwasman co-sponsored a pension reform bill to shift federal employees from a defined-
    benefit plan to a defined-contribution plan.

  3. Adam Kwasman voted for a bill requiring individuals to prove eligibility for unemployment

  4. Adam Kwasman sponsored a bill to prohibit the ObamaCare health care exchange in Arizona.

  5. Adam Kwasman voted to automatically adjust tax brackets for inflation and reduce state

  6. Adam Kwasman sponsored an income tax repeal bill

  7. Adam Kwasman co-sponsored a bill to prohibit excessive property tax levies.

  8. Adam Kwasman voted for a bill that would have saved businesses $25 million in equipment tax

  9. Adam Kwasman has voted to reject unconstitutional federal actions.

  10. Adam Kwasman sponsored a bill to allow states to cooperate on health-care and resist the
    ObamaCare mandates.