Top Ten Reasons to Support Igor Birman for U.S. Congress in CA-7

  1. Igor Birman opposes ObamaCare, comparing it to the socialist health system in the USSR
    where he was born.

  2. Igor Birman opposes the Farm Bill and points out the cronyism therein.

  3. Igor Birman opposes the NDAA indefinite detention provisions, comparing them to
    Soviet detention squads.

  4. Igor Birman favors tort reform and deregulation of insurance to promote competition.

  5. Igor Birman supports comprehensive tax reform and lower tax rates.

  6. Igor Birman will insist that regulations be approved by Congress instead of enacted by
    unaccountable czars.

  7. Igor Birman believes that the national debt is the greatest threat to our national

  8. Igor Birman opposed the 2014 Omnibus spending bill.

  9. Igor Birman applauded Rand Paul’s filibuster and said the tactics used in the War on
    Terror are reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

  10. Igor Birman said the 2014 Ryan budget was “on the right track” because it balances in 10