Top Ten Reasons to Support Justin Amash for U.S. Congress in MI-3

  1. Justin Amash is one of only two representatives to have voted with FreedomWorks 100% of the time.

  2. Justin Amash took the lead in helping to write the USA FREEDOM Act to end unconstitutional NSA spying.

  3. Justin Amash authored the Amash Amendment to the 2013 DoD Appropriations Act
    to prevent the blanket collection of telephone metadata by the NSA.

  4. Justin Amash, in partnership with FreedomWorks, sponsored the New Fair Deal Banking and Housing Stability Act of 2013, to eliminate market distortions in the housing market.

  5. Justin Amash sponsored a bill proposing a balanced budget amendment to the

  6. Justin Amash sponsored a bill proposing a spending limit amendment to the

  7. Justin Amash co-sponsored the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, which cut taxes and
    required the passage of Balanced Budget Amendment.

  8. Justin Amash co-sponsored three bills to repeal ObamaCare

  9. Justin Amash voted to block the IRS from implementing ObamaCare

  10. Justin Amash voted for the REINS Act to prevent major regulations from being
    imposed on Americans without a vote.1