Top Ten Reasons to Support Mike Pompeo for U.S. Congress in KS-4

  1. Mike Pompeo voted to stop the IRS from targeting non-profit groups based on their political views.

  2. Mike Pompeo has repeatedly voted to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety.

  3. Mike Pompeo voted against the omnibus budget deal that further expanded government spending and debt.

  4. Mike Pompeo voted to limit the EPA’s power in the war on coal.

  5. Mike Pompeo voted for the REINS Act to require a congressional vote on all major

  6. Mike Pompeo voted to block the IRS from enforcing ObamaCare.

  7. Mike Pompeo sponsored the New Fair Deal BARONS Act, which would repeal
    corporate welfare subsidies for green energy.

  8. Mike Pompeo voted to fully audit the Federal Reserve.

  9. Mike Pompeo voted to reauthorize offshore drilling in Gulf of Mexico to promote America’s energy independence.

  10. Mike Pompeo voted for the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.