Update on the Utah Caucus System

In Utah, we are in the middle of a huge battle trying to preserve the Caucus System. There are two main grassroots groups leading the fight against the GOP Establishment. I am the Deputy Directory of Keep Our Caucus. The other group involved is called "Protect Our Neighborhood Elections." We are working hard to keep our caucus and standing up to the Establishment, which is led by the group Count My Vote.

Thanks to the donation and support we received from FreedomWorks, we were able to print 4,000 copies of a booklet we put together to educate delegates about the importance of protecting and legally defending our 1st amendment right to free association.

At the April 26th State Republican Convention, we introduced a resolution urging the Party to defend this right. In order to win the support of the majority of 4000 delegates, we needed to launch an education campaign using emails, robocalls, radio ads, advocacy calls, flyers, and the brochure

The support we received from Heather Williamson and FreedomWorks was amazing! Not only did we receive a much needed financial contribution (we would not have been able to print the brochures without it), but FreedomWorks also donated a booth for us to use at the State Convention.

The success was overwhelming! Our booth was super busy the morning of the event. We were able to hand out thousands of copies of the flyers and brochures to delegates minutes before they voted for the resolution.

Here is the copy of the documents we were able to print thanks to FreedomWorks support:



You can also view a copy of the booklet HERE.

The result? Our resolution passed with almost 95% of the delegates vote. It was simply amazing and overwhelming the response we received.

What is next? Well, we need to push the Utah GOP chair to pursue all legal avenues to protect our Caucus System. The mandate of the delegates will put enough pressure on the chair.

Once again, FreedomWorks help was instrumental and we really appreciate your support. I look forward to continue working together on issues where we can find common ground.