Watchdog group out of business

STATESVILLE Iredell Citizens for Integrity in Government announced that it disbanded Tuesday night after 10 years as a watchdog group on county
government. Buddy Hemric, the group’s chairman, said he announced his
resignation and made the motion to disband the organization.

In part of his motion, Hemric said that “the time has come to go into other
endeavors of politics. I want to thank all of you that have stood united in the
fight for better government over the past 10 years.”

ICI was organized in April 1993 as a political action committee to oppose a
school bond and to defeat candidates who supported the merger of the Iredell
and Statesville school systems. The PAC was expected to last only about six
months, Hemric said.

Hemric said a new group will emerge in the county associated with Citizens for
a Sound Economy. He said in a written statement that he wished them much
success and that he will join their membership.