We Again Say Veto this Bill

Why should President Bush veto the farm bill? How’s this for starters?

“Despite a record $175.5 billion in crop production, with the price of all major crops continuing to rise, Congress is seeking to expand subsidies for farmers. In fact, the bill now pending in Congress would allow married couples with an adjusted gross income of $1.5 million to receive subsidies from the government, and even individuals who are not full-time farmers would be eligible for subsidies with an adjusted gross income of $500,000! The White House has suggested a lower cap of $200,000, which is still more than four times the median household income in the United States.”

That’s what Wayne T. Brough, Ph.D., is ‘Farm Bill Fiasco’ says in his article courtesy of FreedomWorks, http://www.freedomworks.org/processor/printer.php?issue_id=2980

We agree and hope that President Bush has the guts to veto this wasteful bill.