Will antitax groups ever stop crying wolf?

The fiscal conservatives are at it again. Kevin Mannix and Bill Sizemore shouting, “You are being overtaxed! No citizens will be harmed! Your money is being wasted!” So say other conservative leaders of “our” state.

School budgets decimated, aid and assistance programs losing funding due to less money available from government sources, less giving to and granting of funds from philanthropic organizations and foundations. More and more people unemployed and not far from needing services, fewer workers with health insurance and savings plans.

Every other word is, “There is more than enough money for all the needed services without any raise in taxes or fees. Business has to pay too much to operate in Oregon already; how can we attract companies if we don’t give them tax advantages?” A measly $10 per year for a for-profit company like Enron and a politician in your pocket to boot.

When will these self-aggrandizing wannabes stop trying to circumvent the duly elected and their decisions? These “leaders” have already sent Oregon to the bottom in so many ways. When are they going to stop?

Just say no to more of this destructive attitude and agenda. The citizens of Oregon deserve better!