Winning WA-04 for Didier…One voter at a time

Last weekend, just as ballots were mailed out in Washington, FreedomWorks volunteers took to the streets and blanketed high traffic areas of Kennewick and Yakima with Clint Didier lawn signs. Mysteriously, these signs have disappeared, which you can read more about here.

FreedomWorks activists are also going door to door around the district, talking to their neighbors about why Clint Didier is such a great candidate.

For those of you unfamiliar with this race, Didier is running to replace longtime Rep. Doc Hastings, who is retiring. Doc Hastings is an establishment hack though and through – who has a 38% ranking on FreedomWorks’ 2014 scorecard. To give you an idea of how bad that is – there are at least a half dozen Democrats with better scores than him. This race is between two Republicans, Dan Newhouse and Clint Didier.

FreedomWorks has endorsed Clint Didier, the true conservative choice in the race.

So, how’s Didier faring?

Well – the last public poll was conducted in September, with Didier up slightly. Absent anything more scientific – let’s take a look at some anecdotal evidence.

Last night a few of our volunteers went sign waving at a major roadway in the middle of the district and recorded the responses they got as an experiment. The responses were:

92 – thumbs up
46 – honks (usually considered a positive response!)
12 – thumbs down

Scientific? No. Accurate? Who knows.

Our volunteers on the phones and at the doors are getting similar response rates.

Heading into the last week of the race, overwhelming enthusiasm in favor of your candidate is exactly what you want to have.

Everything we’ve seen is that the grassroots momentum is favoring Didier. If you have time to help make sure Didier wins, please click here and let us know.

On to Election Day!