Youth For Bevin Out in Full Force

Holly Fraser, a fifteen year old from Rhode Island, has done an amazing job in recruiting 35 teenagers from 7 states to help Matt Bevin win the Senate race in Kentucky. These amazing teenagers have knocked on over 2,500 homes in their first two days on the ground. They have also made over 1,500 phone calls to potential voters.

"We are here to support Matt Bevin and help him win this crucial primary. He’s the kind of candidate that we need in Washington that will stand up for liberty. I’ve talked with him, and he’s incredibly sincere. He inspires me,” said Youth For Bevin founder Holly Fraser. “This election impacts our future and that’s why we are working hard to help him win."

These kids have taken time out of their busy lives to come to Kentucky to make a difference in this very important race. They are learning that even as teenagers they can make a difference in our political process. This is an example of the next generation stepping up and trying to create change in our country.

*Joel Davis is the FreedomWorks for America Kentucky Field Coordinator and the 2013 Activist of the Year. Chris Gallaher is the FreedomWorks for America Kentucky State Coordinator.