Opposition to ObamaCare Increased in House by Nearly 16 Percent

On Wednesday, the House passed a bill to completely repeal ObamaCare 245-189 with three Democrats—Rep. Mike Ross (AR), Dan Boren (OK) and Mike McIntyre (NC)—joining the unanimous Republican vote. This is a huge victory for freedom. The next step is to force Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to vote on full ObamaCare repeal. Over at FoxNews.com, FreedomWorks Vice President of Health Care Policy Dean Clancy tells us exactly how to do that. While the fight may be far from over, we can get this unconstitutional government takeover repealed through hard work and determination. We won’t stop until the repeal bill lands on President Obama’s desk.

The level of opposition to ObamaCare continues to rise. In March 2010, 212 lawmakers – 178 Republicans and 34 Democrats—voted against enacting ObamaCare. This week, a bipartisan group of 245 lawmakers —242 Republicans and 3 Democrats—voted to repeal the health care law. This means that opposition to ObamaCare in the House increased by 15.6 percent since last March. The Wall Street Journal reflects on the numbers by saying, “the March vote, at 219-212 , was a lot closer and would have gone the other way had moderate Democrats not been bullied into supporting the legislation.”

Likewise, the majority of Americans oppose the new health care law. Rasmussen Report polls have shown that the support for repeal of ObamaCare has remained steady. Every week since the law’s passage, their polls have shown that the majority of Americans favor repeal. According to their latest weekly poll, 55 percent of likely voters favor repeal.

Democrats who voted for ObamaCare faced a tough election year. On November 2nd, the American people’s voice was heard at the ballot box. A total of 35 Democrats listed below who supported ObamaCare were defeated in 2010. Unfortunately, nine Democrats listed below who originally voted against ObamaCare decided to vote against repeal this week. The recent historical election should have been a warning sign. Their vote against repeal could potentially harm them if they decide to run again in 2012.

A day after the ObamaCare repeal vote, the House voted 253-175—with 14 Democrats joining the Republican majority— for a resolution that would task committees with developing a better health care plan. House Speaker John Boehner said that these proposed reforms would be “common-sense reforms that bring down the cost of health insurance.” We look forward to offering these lawmakers numerous proposals on free market health care plans that will improve health care quality while lowering cost.

Democrats Who Voted For Enactment in 2010 and Were Defeated at 2010 Polls: (35)

    •        Ann Kirkpatrick, AZ-1

    •         Harry Mitchell, AZ-5

    •         John Salazar, CO-3

    •         Betsy Markey, CO-4

    •         Allen Boyd, FL-2

    •         Alan Grayson, FL-8

    •         Ron Klein, FL-22

    •         Suzanne Kosmas, FL-24

    •         Melissa Bean, IL-8

    •         Debbie Halvorson, IL-11

    •         Bill Foster, IL-14

    •         Phil Hare, IL-17

    •         Baron Hill, IN-9

    •         Mark Schauer, MI-7

    •         Jim Oberstar, MN-8

    •         Dina Titus, NV-3

    •         Carol Shea-Porter, NH-1

    •         John Hall, NY-19

    •         Scott Murphy, NY-20

    •         Dan Maffei, NY-25

    •         Bob Etheridge, NC-2

    •         Earl Pomeroy, ND-AL

    •         Steve Dreihaus, OH-1

    •         Charlie Wilson, OH-6

    •         Mary Jo Kilroy, OH-15

    •         John Boccieri, OH-16

    •         Kathy Dahlkemper, PA-3

    •         Patrick Murphy, PA-8

    •         Chris Carney, PA-10

    •         Paul Kanjorski, PA-11

    •         John Spratt, SC-5

    •         Ciro Rodrigues, TX-23

    •         Solomon Ortiz, TX-27

    •         Tom Perriello, VA-5

Democrats Who  Voted Against Enactment in 2010 and Against Repeal in 2011: (9)

    •         John Barrow, GA-12

    •         Daniel Lipinski, IL-3

    •         Stephen Lynch, MA-9

    •         Collin Peterson, MN-7

    •         Larry Kissel, NC-8

    •         Heath Shuler, NC-11

    •         Jason Altmire, PA-4

    •         Tim Holden, PA-17

    •         Jim Matheson, UT-2


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