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Our Favorite Bills to Replace ObamaCare

We need to repeal and replace ObamaCare. ObamaCare has to go — all of it. But at FreedomWorks, we think full repeal is not enough. We also need to build a patient-centered, consumer-driven system, one that’s so successful and popular that no politician will ever again dare to take it over. What we don’t need is another massive, complicated top-down overhaul. Rather, we need a few targeted, sensible reforms that reduce costs and give patients more freedom and control. Once ObamaCare is repealed, we supporters of patient-centered, consumer-driven care will need to go on the offensive to enact our best ideas. Happily, some of our friends in Congress are already preparing to do just that. Many good, debate-worthy bills have been introduced, and more bills are expected to be introduced. Here are our favorites. Each of these bills would move us toward a more patient-centered system by expanding individual freedom. 

Rep. Paul Broun’s Patient OPTION Act (H.R. 4224)

Rep. Todd Rokita’s State Health Flexibility Act (H.R. 4160)

Sen. Rand Paul’s Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act (S. 2196)

Sen. Jim DeMint’s Retirement Freedom Act (S. 1317)

Rep. Bill Huizenga’s Health Freedom for Seniors Act (H.R. 3819)

We are also supportive of state-level preexisting-conditions pools, which help people with pre-existing medical conditions afford private health insurance without government mandates.

Originally posted: May 23, 2012

Updated: July 12, 2012



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