Oust Straus Texas – Give Your Legislators a Mandate

As of this morning, more than 1,062 Texans have contacted their legislators in support of Representative Bryan Hughes’ bid for House Speaker.

In less than two months, when the session begins on January 8th, your representatives will be asked to choose between liberal Republican Joe Straus and conservative Representative Bryan Hughes. This is a serious decision – the Speaker is charged with selecting committee chairs and members in addition to determining what legislation is actually reviewed by those committees. As we and others have previously reported, those who stand in the way of Straus’ political ambitions often face retribution and are subject to intimidation and manipulation.

On Tuesday, the Tribune released results of their latest poll asking reps who they plan to support. Thirty-one representatives declared support for Straus, 16 were undecided, 18 declined and 84 gave no response at all. Nearly half (14) of those declaring support for Straus are Democrats. Only one respondent openly went against Straus – Hughes himself.

Texas, your representatives need to arrive in Austin with a clear idea of what YOU want – do you want the same political games that limit our ability to pass conservative legislation, or do you want Representative Hughes, a tea party supporter with an A+ rating by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility? Let’s give our representatives a mandate for change – contact them today.

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