Parents See Equity in Vouchers, Not More Spending

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article about an interesting lawsuit in New Jersey.  12 parents have sued 25 failing school districts in New Jersey and the state commissioner of education for failing to provide the “thorough and efficient education” guaranteed in the state’s constitution.  Multiple lawsuits in other states against have been filed in the past, but Crawford v. Davy breaks with the disappointing and flawed tradition that mistakenly believes that an indefinite increase in money for schools that do not serve students’ needs will magically provide a better education for students without doing the hard work of looking at how money is actually spent in schools.  Instead, parents are demanding that New Jersey honor its own constitution and laws and use the money that would be spent on failing schools to give families the choice to send their children to schools that do serve their students, regardless of public or private status or of its creed.