Paul Ryan against Net Neutrality

From the Racine Journal-Times:

Let free market handle Internet

I am writing in response to the article that ran in Tuesday’s Journal Times under the headline “Ryan, House majority vote against `net neutrality.’ “  The term “net neutrality” sounds great, but when you look at what internet powerhouses such as Microsoft and Google mean by the phrase, you see it is far different than the name implies.

One of the strengths of the internet is that it has developed free of taxation and regulation. The government has taken a largely hands-off approach that has enabled rapid innovation and expansion of the Web, which benefits everyone.  I believe it would be a huge mistake to change this policy and begin subjecting the Web to government mandates and micromanaging.  The so-called “net neutrality” amendment to last week’s telecommunications bill would have brought unprecedented regulation to the internet, which is why I opposed it.

Internet service providers such as phone and cable companies are currently building high-speed broadband networks that stretch across the nation.  It would be wrong for the government to step in at this point and start dictating how these businesses set their prices and provide services to those who use their networks.  The free market should be allowed to keep working and providing quality, access and affordability for Web users.   

Paul Ryan
Member of Congress