Pelosi’s 100-Hour Tax & Spend Spree

The Majority Caucus on the House Budget Committee has published what could potentially be Nancy Pelosi’s agenda her first 100 hours as Speaker of the House. Here are a few interesting items:

  • Roll back the 2001 tax cuts.

Repealing the tax cuts would cost American taxpayers $164 billion in 2011, and $1.5 trillion through 2015 according to the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Raise the minimum wage to $7.25.

Raising the Federal minimum wage would put up to 1.6 million American workers – or nearly 20% of
minimum wage earners – in danger of losing their jobs because of the added costs on businesses,
States, and local governments (according to Hoover Institution economist David Henderson). Job
losses are likely to be concentrated among groups least able to absorb the shock.

These are just a few of the reasons why FreedomWorks has been advocating smaller governement and lower taxes for years. Sound fiscal policies work, irresponsible tax and spend policies do not.

You can find the complete report HERE.