Please, government, save me from my ignorant self

Recently, Rudy Giuliani stated that the Democratic presidential candidates are trying to turn America into a nanny state.

That’s what makes America great, not this nanny government that Democrats want to give us, where government controls your entire life

He also introduced his health care plan- a non-socialized one. Of course, Comrade John Edwards was against it: "Rudy Giuliani’s tinkering does not come close to solving the problems of a broken health care system that leaves 45 million uninsured or tens of millions facing financial ruin because of inadequate insurance."

It’s funny that Edwards wants to replace a broken system, healthcare, with another broken system, socialism.

The author of this article stated: "Giuliani argued that he favors less government and lower taxes." Sounds like he took a page out of FreedomWorks’ book. But only the future can tell us if he will keep these limited government values by the time the election nears.