PODCAST: Critical vote in Ohio tomorrow!

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On Tuesday, Ohio will vote to limit the power of the unions through Issue 2.

By saying YES to Issue 2, Ohio voters are saying YES to the taxpayer protections achieved by Governor Kasich in SB 5, which enacted collective bargaining and pension reform for public sector unions, merit pay for teachers and expanded school choice.

Voting YES on Issue 2 will:

Prevent Tax Hikes on Ohioans

Save Jobs By Cutting Costs for Local Governments

Reduce Spending to Balance the State Budget

Control Skyrocketing School District Deficits Projected to Cost County Residents Thousands of Dollars Each Year (Cuyahoga: $2509.07, Franklin: $1688.90, Hamilton: $2100.04, Montgomery: $1822.01, etc.)

David Spielman and I sat down to discuss the importance of the vote and how you can impact it. Please take a minute to listen, and contact dspielman@freedomworks.org if you want to help get the vote on on this important issue!

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