Action Alert: Help Stop the Brevard Tax Hike!

Florida needs your help. On November 4th, the voters in Brevard County will go to the polls and vote a twenty-year sales tax up or down. On that day, you will help to decide the fate of a $1.3 billion proposed tax increase.

This tax hike is combined with a huge spending increase that makes this proposal just one big liberal tax-and-spend scheme. And if approved, the liberals and special interests will have achieved their main goal: to grow the size and scope of government. Plus, there is no guarantee that any of the proposed projects will actually be built!

We cannot let this tax increase succeed.

Already in recent years:

*The taxable population in Brevard County has increased!

*The revenue to Brevard County has increased per person!

*Unemployment has dropped significantly, adding to the County’s wealth!

*The existing sales tax revenues have increased in real dollars!

This tax increase is wrong for Brevard County and it must be stopped.

Brevard County needs your help. Of course you need to remember to go to the polls and VOTE NO ON NOVEMBER 4th. But I hope I can count on you for more than just your vote. Brevard County needs you to make your voice louder than your vote. You can help shape the future of Brevard County by:

*Calling 1-888-564-6273 to be connected with your County Commissioners.

*Distributing Flyers –we can send them to you or you can print them yourself!

* Writing and sending a letter to the editor of the newspaper.

Even better, email our County Commissioners!

Brevard County must VOTE NO ON NOVEMBER 4th ! There is NO TIME TO LOSE!