Advancing Freedom Through Citizen Action

Olympia, WA – Rallying at Olympia for the 3rd annual Washington CSE Day at the Capitol, more than 150 CSE activists stormed the Capitol building and called on their legislators to stop any new tax increases, control their spending, and eliminate government waste and abuse.

Our patriots took the President’s Day holiday to lobby each of their legislators for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. They know that the only way to preserve liberty and freedom from big government is through organized citizen action by an army of dedicated patriots. CSE Day was an example of citizen activism at its finest.

House Minority Leader Clyde Ballard and Senator Jim West gave speeches on the importance of citizen activism and on the state’s current budget crisis. Activists also took part in educational seminars presented by Lynn Harsh from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation who discussed the state’s budget deficit and its lack of financial accountability, and Eric Montague of the Washington Policy Center who discussed transportation problems.

Prior to and immediately following the storming of the capitol building, Washington CSE deputy director Ross Marzolf distributed CSE’s Legislative Excellence Award to Rep. Ballard and Sen. Jim West for their continuing efforts to preserve limited government and lower taxes. Five Washington CSE activists were given Patriot Awards to celebrate their outstanding hard work in the fight for lower taxes, less government and more freedom. Super activists Elizabeth Bookspan, Jennie Stephenson, Stephen Taylor, and Paul and Jane Coates all received the Patriot Award.