Alabama CSE Demands JIC Drop Their Political Witch Hunt Against Justice See

On Tuesday, October 16, 2001, Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy (AL CSE) held a press conference on the steps of the Alabama Judicial Building demanding that the politically motivated Judicial Inquiry Commission drop their political witch hunt against Supreme Court Justice Harold See.

Twinkle Andress, Executive Director of Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy, said, “It is absurd that while our schools are in proration and our children are suffering that JIC continues to waste the state’s money on a politically motivated witch hunt. This is the same group that sat idly by while Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Ingram’s commercials unfairly attacked Justice See and while Ingram’s trial lawyer supporters aired false commercials. JIC also went after the Christian Coalition and spent several years investigating our Chief Justice, Roy Moore. The citizens of Alabama deserve to know how the good old boys in Montgomery are using their tax dollars.”

Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy has made an Open Records Request to the Judicial Inquiry Commission. Ms. Andress said, “Amazingly, the Executive Director of the Judicial Inquiry Commission claims to have never heard of Alabama’s Open Record’s Act. This raises a lot of suspicion about the expenditures of JIC.” She continued, “The taxpayers of Alabama have continued to fund outlandish actions by this commission. How much has been spent to date? No one knows. JIC won’t say, and records that should be available for the public to see have not been provided thus far.”

Ms. Andress once again reiterated, “The citizens of Alabama deserve to see these expenditures, and Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy will continue to pursue these records. We must stop the abuse of our tax dollars.”

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