Amazon Business Is Starting to Work in Healthcare

Amazon has started its entry into the healthcare industry, pitching hospital executives on its distribution of hospital supplies. Its initial successes, challenges, customer feedback and competition are all promising signs for its ability to reduce costs in healthcare.

FreedomWorks Vice President of Advocacy Noah Wall made the following statement:

“The beauty of Amazon Business’ entry into the distribution of hospital supplies is that they are using their key strengths of driving down costs and excellent shipping processes to target a market opportunity created by an out-of-date way of buying hospital supplies.

“The initial complaints of hospital executives about product choices, purchasing and shipping will have to be addressed, and they will be because this is the private sector. That’s a good thing. If Amazon Business can’t deliver a better product, they should go out of business, and they will.

“It’s also encouraging that we see interest from other companies, like Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., interested in the same model, which would further drive everyone in the space to offer a better service.

“Conservatives should be thrilled about the entry of innovative ideas into the healthcare industry, all while continuing to demand politicians address the government-induced growth in costs caused by subsidies, mandates, regulations, and massive single-payer programs like Medicare and Medicaid.”

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