Another Obama Budget, Another Disaster

White House FY 2015 budget would increase spending, increase taxes, and grow the debt

Washington, DC- President Obama finally released his Fiscal Year 2015 budget, reported to increase spending by 63 percent and add $8.3 trillion to the debt over the next 10 years. The increased spending will be paid for by $1.8 trillion in new taxes, on top of the $1.7 trillion in new taxes since Obama has entered the Oval Office.

“President Obama’s budgets got zero votes in 2011 and 2012. Not zero Republican votes, zero votes, period. With progressive pipe dreams like his latest budget proposal, it’s not difficult to see why,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “A proposed $791 billion spending increase at a time when the debt is already at a record $17.4 trillion is laughable.”

“The White House budget not only represents the failure of the executive branch to lead in a responsible way, but reveals the contradiction between what the president promises, and what he actually does. Obama promised jobs and economic recovery on the stump, but continually introduces late budgets that raise taxes, spend more on failed federal programs, and do nothing to encourage economic growth or jobs.”

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