Art Curtis is the CSE Activist of the Month!

August’s CSE Activist of the Month is Art Curtis of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a part-time student, soldier, and family man who still finds time to take part in the political process and speak-out on important issues that impact the greater freedom and liberty of all Americans.

Art began receiving information from CSE in 1996. He immediately identified with our agenda of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom and wanted to get more involved.

Armed with CSE materials and educational information, Art has organized and led local tax day protests (these photos are from this year’s protest) and has used his standing as a leader in the community to speak out on issues ranging from taxes to school choice on many occasions.

Today, Art supports CSE in Oklahoma by volunteering to host and manage the state page on CSE’s website and keeping us up-to-date on important issues, activities, and opportunities in the name of freedom in the Sooner State. In addition, Art hopes to soon hold local CSE club meetings in his community with other, like-minded patriots who share the vision of our Founding Fathers. Thank you Art!