Attorney General Bill Pryor Named “Friend of the Taxpayer”

On Tuesday, March 14, 2000, Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) proudly presented its inaugural “Friend of the Taxpayer” award to Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor. The award was presented as part of Alabama CSE’s annual Day at the Capital which brought more than 160 CSE members to Montgomery.

Attorney General Pryor was selected for this award because of his commitment to civil justice reform. Throughout his tenure in office Mr. Pryor has been a proponent of curbing excessive punitive damage awards, recognizing the negative economic impact of lawsuit abuse on the citizens of Alabama and our state’s economy.

Pryor also has been a vocal critic of novel “recoupment” lawsuits filed by governments against “unpopular” defendants such as firearms and tobacco, among others. Such lawsuits result in higher taxes, increases in spending and regulation, and the American people lose control of their democratic government.

In addition to bringing common sense to the office of Attorney General, Mr. Pryor has undertaken to make his office more efficient. By bringing in the best ideas from the private sector, Mr. Pryor has restructured the office of the Attorney General to be more effective in meeting the needs of Alabama’s citizens.

Alabama CSE commends Attorney General Bill Pryor for his hard work on behalf of Alabama taxpayers, and looks forward to his continued leadership on these important issues in the future.