Budget Crisis Continues in Nevada

Despite emails, phone calls, and letters from CSE activists in Nevada, the state Assembly continues to debate record tax increases to finance the public school budget. Without a budget by the July 1 deadline, Gov. Kenny Guinn filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court asking them to come up with a solution for balancing the budget.

Briefs from all parties were submitted to the court Monday with some legislators even requesting the court throw out the voter-approved constitutional amendment that requires two-thirds support in the Senate and Assembly for tax increases! Attorney General Brian Sandoval went far enough to even suggest the Supreme Court issue an order applying sanctions on legislators, including $1,000 fines and up to 90 days in prison! Other legislators have suggested that the court will simply pressure the Assembly to agree on a budget.

Over the 4th of July weekend, legislators debated a compromise budget with roughly $803 million in new taxes, including franchise and payroll taxes, but the proposal continues to lack the supermajority support in the Assembly.

The budget battle in Nevada is desperate, ridiculous, and a tremendous waste of taxpayers’ money! The liberal fight for tax increases is costing taxpayers $50,000 per day when the legislature should really shift its focus to cutting spending, not raising taxes on citizens that cannot afford them.

Your state legislators must know that their constituents do not support any tax increases in the new budget. Click on the link below to write your state legislators. Tell them to oppose new taxes in Nevada. Also, call our toll free member hotline at 1-888-546-6273 to be directly connected to your state legislator’s office.

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