Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy Launches New Ad

FreedomWorks Oregon is pleased to launch a new short video, “Friends Like These,” highlighting the way that radical environmentalists think about energy and the environment. Whether or not you live in Oregon, it is eye-opening to see the lengths extremists will go to stand in the way of reliable and affordable energy.

The video wonders how radical environmentalists can spend time “crying over dirt and rocks” while Oregon families struggle beneath high gas and energy bills.

The extreme fringe of the environmental movement has hijacked the debate over sensible energy policy. FreedomWorks’ new video illustrates how these radicals embrace a “none of the above” approach to energy and would prefer to live in a world where energy is prohibitively expensive and scarce. For most Americans, returning to the Middle Ages is a not a desirable objective of energy policy.

The campaign video was produced by LI Studios, Arlington, VA. To view the new video, please visit

FreedomWorks Northwest Regional Director Russ Walker commented:

“When it comes to energy policy, we need real solutions, not radical slogans. It is important that Oregonians understand that opponents of energy development in our state put blocking energy production before helping Oregon families have access to affordable energy. Look to the radical environmental movement to block any attempt to produce energy, and never offer solutions on how we will meet our basic needs. When you see the new video, you watch extreme environmentalists behaving like children, throwing tantrums over dead trees. Are these the folks we want setting energy policy?”

The CARE campaign is part of a larger national voter education and turnout effort by FreedomWorks to unlock domestic and emerging sources of energy for American consumers. FreedomWorks is a grassroots organization with over a half a million members nationwide and over 30,000 activists in Oregon dedicated to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.

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