Candidates Debate at Wisconsin CSE Forum

Kenosha, WI – At a U.S. Senate Candidate Forum sponsored by Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) this week, the four major challengers to incumbent Senator Russ Feingold declared that federal spending was out of control and recognized the need for reform. In addition to curbing spending, auto dealer Russ Darrow, attorney Robert Lorge, construction executive Tim Michels, and State Senator Bob Welch reiterated the success of the Bush tax cuts and the need to make them permanent. (Commitments in Washington, D.C. prevented Senator Feingold from attending the forum.)

Fielding questions from the audience, the candidates were asked about topics ranging from budget process reform to Social Security reform. All candidates recognized the need to address the current inadequacies and the pending bankruptcy of Social Security, with Michels supporting preservation of the current “Trust Fund” through budget process reform, while Welch and Darrow outlined specific plans to create voluntary Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs) that workers would own and control without raising taxes or reducing benefits. Lorge also noted his support for PRA’s.

CSE would also like to thank the candidates for attending and engaging in this important discussion. As a result of this forum, Wisconsin voters and CSE members had a great opportunity to have their questions answered directly by the candidates. All four candidates did a superb job of answering the questions honestly and completely. Additionally, Dennis Shook our moderator and the audience, all helped make this a great event.

This forum is just one part of Wisconsin CSE’s 2004 voter education campaign. We’re going to continue to work hard to make sure that Wisconsin voters have the information they need on Election Day.

There are some great photos below. In the final picture of all the candidates in front of the banner, the gentlemen are (from left to right): Robert Gerald Lorge, Russ Darrow, Tim Michels, Bob Welch.

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