Consumer Group Applauds MS Settlement

Today Erick Gustafson, director of federal campaigns for Citizens for a Sound Economy, released the following statement in reaction to news of a settlement in the Microsoft antitrust lawsuit.

“CSE is pleased that the United States and a significant number of the litigating states have finally reached resolution to the long-standing legal dispute with Microsoft Corporation. These concerned parties undertook good-faith negotiations and achieved a settlement that, while substantially increasing government involvement in the technology sector, permits a prime mover in the U.S. economy to get back to business at this critical time.

The handful of states that remain committed to litigation should be ashamed of themselves. It is clear that they share a common goal with Microsoft’s competitors to utilize government regulation to handicap a very successful, innovative company. It is equally clear that they are not acting in the best interests of consumers, but rather they act in the best interests of Microsoft’s most fierce competitors. As has been articulated in the news media, this is not pro-bono legal work. For their efforts, these attorneys general receive significant campaign contributions from Microsoft’s competitors.

CSE believes that the continuation of the case by these self-interested state officials will do nothing to benefit consumers and could further jeopardize high-tech growth at this precarious economic time. The settlement as signed by the Justice Department and Microsoft should be the final chapter to this unfortunate legal saga.”

To speak with Erick Gustafson please call (202) 942-7641.

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