CSE Activists Deliver “The People’s Agenda” to North Carolina Legislators

Today, North Carolina Citizens for a Sound Economy (NC CSE) held its 3rd Annual North Carolina CSE Day at the Capital.

Jonathan Hill, Director of NC CSE, issued the following statement regarding NC CSE Day 2002:

“This year, over 500 citizen-activists from all corners of the state came to Raleigh to share the importance of The People’s Agenda with their legislators. The People’s Agenda includes:

No Tax Increases, Property Rights, No Lottery in North Carolina, Choice in Health Care, and Protecting Teachers from Frivolous Lawsuits.

“Of course our grassroots members throughout the state are opposed to tax increases.

We believe in private property rights and expect the state of North Carolina to honor those rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. We also believe there should be no annexation in a municipality without the vote of the people.

And we oppose a state-run lottery, which would dramatically increase the size of government. The state going into the gambling business will not resolve our budget crisis.

On health care, North Carolinians should be allowed to choose the health care to suit their individual needs. Government intrusion in the health care market drives up costs and makes coverage too expensive for working North Carolinians.

Our members are also concerned with protecting teachers from frivolous lawsuits, which prevents them from focusing on what is important: Educating Students.”

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