CSE Activists Inundate Candidates All Over Michigan

Michigan CSE activists and staff barnstormed the state in an effort to educate voters on the issues of prescription drugs and Medicare reform. CSE distributed information throughout the state at numerous campaign rallies and pounded in hundreds of signs that read “Gore Medicare Plan: Prescription for Disaster.” The literature included a booklet that offers a detailed explanation of Medicare’s original intent, current structure and financial future, and a farecard that compares Gore’s price control plans with Bush’s market-oriented reforms.

Battle Creek—On Wednesday, CSE activists attended a rally for Bush in Battle Creek. Former Senator Bob Dole was among the speakers in attendance. Senator Dole even commended CSE for its efforts on the prescription drug issue.

Grand Rapids—CSE activists and staff distributed farecards and booklets to attendees at a Bush rally on Friday. Approximately 2,000 farecards were handed to voters. Many attendees thanked the activists for their efforts and said the information was “perfect” to pass on to undecided voters in their neighborhoods and workplaces. Senator Spence Abraham, who also spoke at the rally, thanked CSE for its efforts and exclaimed, “You guys are everywhere in this state.”

Saginaw—Later that same day, CSE activists attended a second Bush rally. Over 1,500 farecards were distributed along with numerous yard signs. CSE activists discussed the particulars of the competing plans with undecided voters.

Dearborn—On Saturday, CSE activists and staff were out in full force at yet another Bush rally. Activists distributed over 1,500 farecards and over 100 yard signs. Nearly 500 farecards were given to one attendee who wanted to place one in every mailbox in his office building. When Bush arrived on stage, he noticed the strong CSE contingent and gave a thumbs-up. Many of the signs handed out were subsequently found in voters’ yards throughout the state.

Lansing—At the recent rally, Sen. Abraham again thanked CSE for its efforts: “You guys are driving this issue… you’re doing a great job!” Uncle Sam attended the event for CSE and was interviewed by Michigan Public Radio and the Associated Press. Uncle Sam also appeared with the “Prescription for Disaster” yard sign on Lansing’s 11 o’clock news (Channel 10) to discuss a prescription drug benefit in the context of overall Medicare reform.

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