CSE Activists Join Gov. Bush At Unveiling of Social Security Reform Plan

On Monday, May 15, 2000, California CSE Director Mike Vallante and three of California CSE’s best activists joined Republican presidential candidate Gov. George W. Bush in Rancho Cucamonga, California as he unveiled his plan to reform Social Security.

CSE activist Gerald Pummel is interviewed by local media.

A key component of his proposal would allow younger workers to divert a portion of their Social Security FICA taxes into a Personal Retirement Account, while preserving the nation’s commitment to today’s retirees and near retirees.

“We salute Governor Bush’s commitment to protect Social Security for our parents and grandparents, and we applaud his support of personal retirement accounts for young workers,” stated Vallante.

“Thank you for all you’re doing. We appreciate all your work,” said Gov. George W. Bush, after he spotted California CSE Director Vallante.

“CSE has long believed that personal retirement accounts give workers a better return on the money they put into the system, and it gives all Americans greater freedom,” Vallante said. “We believe that people, not government bureaucrats, can make better decisions about their own long term financial future.”

California CSE activists Gerald Pummel and Jerry Lehrer were prominently featured throughout the day as part of KCAL-TV’s news coverage of the speech, articulately expressing their support for personal retirement accounts.