CSE Day at the Capitol in April!

In Florida, Volunteer Chapter Leaders (VCL) are helping to lead the way in the sunshine state. John Hallman (Boca Raton), Al Gutierrez (Titusville), and Frank Kinsley (Deland) are working hard within their communities to organize concerned citizens to fight against tax increases and to end lawsuit abuse. John, Al, and Frank have helped CSE to spread the message of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom across Florida by holding regular meetings for their chapters and are also helping to plan a CSE Day at the Capitol to lobby elected officials in Tallahassee on April 3-4!

If you would like to get involved with CSE in Florida, or to participate in CSE’s Day at the Capitol, please contact the VCL in your area:

South Florida

John Hallman – john.hallman@realtor.com

Central Florida

Al Gutierrez – algutierr@aol.com

North Florida

Frank Kinsley – rekitna@aol.com

For more info or to register securely online with a major credit card, visit https://secure.cse.org/florida.php