CSE Educates LA Voters on Landrieu and Terrell’s Positions on Tax Reform

This Saturday, Louisianans will vote to send either Senator Mary Landrieu or Suzanne Terrell to the United States Senate. Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) is undertaking an education and mobilization effort to inform Bayou State voters on the significant differences between the two candidates on taxes and the need for fundamental tax reform.

CSE President and CEO Paul Beckner commented:

“There is no doubt that the election on Saturday in Louisiana is important not only for the citizens of the state, but for control of Congress and its future agenda. We are working with our members to notify citizens of the stark differences of opinion between these two candidates on key issues like fundamental tax reform.

“CSE is informing Louisianans that Suzanne Terrell will work to protect the interests of taxpayers. She pledged to make the tax cut passed in 2001 permanent. She supports eliminating — for good — the dreaded Death Tax, which punishes Americans for working hard and wanting to pass on their savings to their families. Importantly, Suzanne Terrell is pledging to rip up our abysmal tax code by the roots and replace it with one that’s simple, low, fair, and honest. On the other hand, Mary Landrieu voted to raise taxes 120 times during her first term in the Senate.

“Our members are energized and mobilized. We are calling thousands of citizens throughout the state to pass along this crucial voter education information and to remind them to vote.”

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