CSE Highlights Tort Reform as Gov. George W. Bush Announces Vice Presidential Running Mate

When Gov. Bush announced his vice presidential candidate, Texas CSE staff and key activists were there to highlight the issue of tort reform. Austin CSE activist Mark Wallace said he shook hands with Gov. Bush and Dick Cheney.

In a CSE T-shirt and wearing CSE lapel stickers, Angel Arbitua, CSE’ s Hispanic grassroots coordinator, was interviewed by a reporter with the WB affiliate in Dallas who said they wanted to cover the Dallas departure of his 55 Hispanic youths heading to the GOP convention on a bus.

Texas CSE Director Peggy Venable was interviewed by a Boston Globe reporter who was doing a story on Laura Bush and by another reporter who wanted to know what CSE thought of Gov. Bush’s selection. One Boston Globe reporter said “you CSE guys were everywhere in Iowa!”