CSE Joins Coalition on Encryption

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) today joins nearly 100 companies, associations and non-profit organizations to form a broad coalition called Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP). The coalition will be announced at a 1:00 p.m. press conference in room 345 of the Cannon House Office Building in Washington.

Kent Lassman, a Citizens for a Sound Economy telecommunications policy analyst, noted that “CSE’s mission to develop and promote market-based policy for public policy problems fits squarely in line with the twin goals of ACP. Members of the coalition agree to promote individual control for private communications and to promote worldwide competition in the market for encryption products.”

Lassman continued, “The launch of this coalition shows a renewed vigor in the fight to put consumers in charge of their communications, their computers and their personal information. The alternative to public policy that allows strong encryption for everyone is a world in which all data is insecure.”

According to Lassman, the federal government has proposed a series of bills that would eliminate private control of many types of data. Regardless how many times a consumer chooses to use a computer or telephone, sensitive personal information is transmitted daily. Strong encryption will allow individuals to keep their private information out of the hands of criminals and to prevent potential abuses by government.

“If there is a surefire way to create a system of abuse and to limit consumer choices in the marketplace, it is through an encryption policy that guarantees government access to all communication and mandates the type and strength of products consumers can use to protect themselves,” concluded Lassman.