CSE Promotes Social Security Reform at Spokane College Women’s Association Luncheon

The “Own Your Future” tour on Social Security reform swept through Washington for discussions of the Social Security crisis, how PRA’s can bring real retirement security, and the prospects for passing reform in the next 18 months.

On the national level, Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) and a growing grassroots of more than 360,000 are leading the way in the effort to make Social Security reform with PRA’s a reality. This stop on the “Own Your Future” tour was the latest in a series of forums that CSE is conducting this year in critical political swing states such as New Hampshire, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Arizona.

The photos below are of CSE’s Executive Vice President Matt Kibbe, and WA State Speaker, Clyde Ballard (a CSE national board member) speaking on Social Security reform to the Spokane College Women’s Association luncheon on March 24, 2004.