CSE Releases Study Detailing Benefits of Civil Justice Reform

Today Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) previewed an economic study documenting the consumer benefits of the civil justice reforms passed by the Texas legislature and signed by Governor George W. Bush. C. Boyden Gray, former White-House Counsel to President George Bush and Chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, presented the results to the California delegation along with CSE’s California Director Michael Vallante.

“This study unequivocally shows that fixing our civil justice system is good for consumers,” said Michael Vallante, Director of California Citizens for a Sound Economy.

“For years, trial lawyers engaged in a campaign of misinformation by claiming that laws designed to make our civil justice system more fair and accessible, hurt consumers. This study proves that fair and reasonable legal reforms provide tremendous benefits to consumers.”

Former Baylor and Southern Methodist University Professor, Dr. Raymond Perryman conducted the study on behalf of Citizens for a Sound Economy. His results are based a on a series of economic models looking at the costs of Texas’ civil justice system.

According to the study, the civil justice reforms signed by Gov. Bush saved the average Texas household $1,078. The reforms are also credited with creating nearly 200,000 jobs and opening up more access to the courts.

“These numbers show that consumers win when the trial-lawyer agenda of more and bigger lawsuits loses,” concluded Vallante.