CSE Supports Rep. DeMint’s Amendment to H.R. 1350

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives will debate H.R. 1350, the “Improving Education Results for Children With Disabilities Act of 2003.” Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) supports and calls on all legislators to endorse Rep. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) amendment to H.R. 1350. The DeMint amendment would improve IDEA by providing sensible reforms that would give parents of children with disabilities more say on how education dollars should be spent to educate their child. Through parental choice in education, CSE believes that all children would receive the best education possible.

CSE President and CEO Paul Beckner had these comments:

“CSE has been at the forefront of the school choice debate since our inception. We believe that the nation’s children would be best served through greater parental choice in education. Too many of our children are trapped in failing school systems, losing out on the essential skills necessary to achieve success.

“Rep. DeMint’s amendment to H.R. 1350 should be supported by all legislators. Many of our nation’s children with disabilities are ensnared in school systems and programs that do not offer the best educational services possible. Our nation cannot let that continue.

“The DeMint amendment would reform IDEA by allowing states to provide tailored programs for children with disabilities, which the IDEA rules currently prohibit. Under Rep. DeMint’s proposal, states across the nation would be permitted to research and create innovative programs for their students with disabilities. In addition, states could divert some federal funds to parents so that they could choose which schools – public or private – they would like their child to attend. Importantly, parents would be empowered because they could select the programs they feel best meets their child’s interests.

“Rep. DeMint has proposed a bold new reform measure that would help protect the nation’s children with disabilities. Just as important, the DeMint amendment would empower parents across the nation, allowing them to have a greater say in their child’s education.”


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