CSE Takes Kerry Up on Offer to Meet with ‘All Americans’

Today, CSE sent a letter to the Kerry campaign inviting the candidate to a townhall meeting in the city and state of the Kerry campaign’s choosing. CSE members in key battleground states are extremely interested in Senator Kerry’s positions on the key economic issues facing America.

Letter text follows:

July 16, 2004

John Kerry for President
Washington, D.C.
VIA FAX: 202-712-3001

Dear Senator Kerry:

I’d like to congratulate you on your commitment at the NAACP Convention yesterday to meet with all Americans during the course of your Presidential campaign.

On behalf of more than 360,000 members of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) nationwide, we’d like to invite you to meet with our activists at a townhall meeting in the city and state of your choosing. More specifically, we have full time state staff in the key states of California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin, and stand ready as an organization to make this happen.

As you know, for twenty years Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) has been working to engage Americans in the political process and to educate them on the key issues facing the U.S. economy. Our members are especially interested in further details regarding your plans to:

1. Save Social Security from its impending financial crisis in 2018.
2. Reform the U.S. tax code to make it more simple, low, honest, and flat.
3. Rein in the lawsuit lottery that now exists with our broken legal system.

We appreciate your willingness to meet with all Americans and look forward to seeing you soon.


Matt Kibbe
Citizens for a Sound Economy