Democrats are Right to Admit Defeat on Net Neutrality CRA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to Rep. Mike Doyle’s (D-Pa.) admission that the attempt to restore Obama-era net neutrality regulations through the Congressional Review Act is dead, Patrick Hedger, FreedomWorks Director of Policy, commented:

“The Republican FCC Commissioners took the wheel and steered the internet away from a cliff when they voted in favor of reversing the Obama-era net neutrality regulations last year. Light-touch regulation of the internet promotes investment, innovation, and competition, benefiting consumers and businesses alike, as was proven under the two-decade bipartisan framework that existed prior to the Obama-era rules”

“Democrats are admitting defeat on this issue on all fronts. The implementation of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which reversed the Obama-era rules, came and went like Y2K. The internet, as proponents of the free market predicted, is not only fine but investment is rising. The sky didn’t fall. This is why California is not enforcing its new net neutrality law and why Congressional Democrats could never get this CRA across the finish line.”

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