End the Wasteful USDA Catfish Inspection Program

Following the announcement of a bipartisan letter spearheaded by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) and co-signed by 176-member of the House urging leadership to bring to the floor a joint resolution to end the USDA catfish inspection program, FreedomWorks Director of Government Relations Neil Siefring commented:

“We congratulate Rep. Hartzler on her success with this letter and thank the 176 representatives who signed it. Rep. Hartzler should be commended for her efforts on behalf of the taxpayers and to push back on the regulatory state. Over-regulation of catfish must come to an end, as must over-regulation in general. The House can show its commitment to regulatory reform by bringing this joint resolution to the floor and passing it.”

“The catfish regulatory process is duplicative, costly, and wasteful. This resolution can save taxpayers an estimated $14.4 million per year. We are excited by the vast bipartisan support this effort has garnered, and encourage House leadership to bring it quickly to the floor for a vote.”

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