Florida CSE Takes the Medicare and Prescription Drug Debate to Senator John McCain and Representative Mark Foley

Palm Beach, FL – Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy (FL CSE) had the opportunity to express their concerns about the Medicare and prescription drug debate to Senator John McCain and Representative Mark Foley at their “Salute to Veterans” event. FL CSE took the opportunity to inform the 1,200 attendees on the Medicare and prescription drug plans proposed by the presidential candidates. Before the event, FL CSE distributed over 500 Medicare and prescription drug plan comparison chart fliers.

A Question for the Senator – FL CSE Director Slade O’Brien had the opportunity during the event to ask Sen. McCain a question: “Most of the questions you been asked here today have had to do with healthcare; clearly this is a major election year issue. I have two concerns; the first is that in a rush to do something politically expedient, Congress will pass Gore’s prescription drug bill before the election. This plan limits competition and choice and traps seniors into a one-size-fits-all, till-death-do-you-part, government-run plan. Why can’t we give seniors a plan similar to the one you and Congressman Foley enjoy ¯ the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan ¯ which allows for choice and competition? I’m also very concerned that seniors are not being accurately told the difference between the Bush and Gore plans. Could you elaborate on this for us?

Sen. McCain autographs FL CSE Grassroots Manager
Carlos Muhletaler’s “Gore’s Empty Promises” T-Shirt.

Sen. McCain replied: “I understand your concern and the need for competition and choice, however we can’t continue to have people left behind and for those people that don’t have any coverage we need to get them whatever we can get.”

Following the event, O’Brien had a brief exchange with Sen. McCain, in which the Senator praised CSE and the grassroots work that it has accomplished, stating, “It’s great to see you again, thanks for coming out…Good question…Boy, you guys don’t miss a beat, do you?!”

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