Florida CSE to Legislators: No New Taxes!

Tallahassee, FL – Thomas Jefferson stated that, “The people…are the only sure reliance for the preservation of liberty.” On Feb. 13 and 14, more than 140 dedicated Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) activists – our patriots – lived up to Jefferson’s message as they stormed the capitol to preserve the liberties and freedom that constitute the indispensable foundation for our nation.

On the fourth annual Florida CSE Day at the Capitol, activists traveled to Tallahassee from across the state to voice their firm opposition to Sen. McKay’s proposed tax increase; they also expressed support for Rep. Wallace’s proposed constitutional amendment that would limit the growth of the state’s government, and legislation that would ensure reasonable state attorneys’ fees and accountability for firms on retainer from the state.

Guest speakers for the day included Lt. Governor Frank Brogan who addressed CSE Day participants in the Senate chambers and House Speaker Tom Feeney who discussed the importance of the grassroots efforts that CSE provides to help the conservative, free market cause. 17 state legislators attended our CSE Day dinner, all of whom praised CSE’s educational and mobilization work in the state and CSE’s efforts against the Sen. McKay tax plan. Rep. Rob Wallace spoke and thanked CSE for all of our support with his joint resolution.

Not coincidentally, one week after CSE Day at the Capitol where more than 400 individual lobby visits with legislators were held opposing the McKay tax scheme, and hundreds of emails into legislators’ offices during late January and early February, the McKay tax proposal was defeated in the Florida House. With one battle won, activists will continue to advocate for Rep. Wallace’s proposed constitutional amendment that would limit the growth of the state government.