Florida Social Security Tour Continues to Roll

Florida FreedomWorks spreads the message of an “Ownership Society” and Personal Retirement Accounts from Miami to Ocala. Florida State Director John Hallman went on a two day swing through Florida with stops in Ocala and Miami.

On Monday November 29th, John spoke to the NFRA meeting in Ocala. The NFRA is called the “Republican Wing of the Republican party” because it champions conservative causes. At the meeting John spoke on the FreedomWorks Freedom Agenda of creating an ownership society through reforming Social Security, the tax code, our tort system and school choice.

After the meeting many in attendance signed up to join FreedomWorks. The next
evening John was in Miami addressing the Young Republicans of Biscayne Bay. At this meeting John gave a presentation on Social Security Reform and Personal Retirement Accounts. After John finished his presentation a Question & Answer period followed, with John fielding many questions on how PRA’s would work.

As in Ocala, many signed up to Join FreedomWorks, and pledged to contact their Representatives to support PRA’s.

FreedomWorks Florida Director John Hallman commented, ” As I have traveled around Florida this year, I can feel the momentum building in support of the FreedomWorks Freedom Agenda and the creation of an Ownership Society. At meetings all across the state, everyone has been enthusiastic and has signed up to “Join the Fight”!

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