FreedomWorks Activists Hold Speaker McCarthy Accountable on Fiscal Responsibility

Washington, D.C. – FreedomWorks activists from across the country are pressuring lawmakers to address their addiction to spending. With Members returning soon to Washington, activists continue to put pressure on House Republican Leadership to provide solutions to our nation’s fiscal state. Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks, commented:

“Over the past few weeks, thousands of FreedomWorks activists have urged Speaker McCarthy to uphold his commitment to rein in out-of-control federal government spending. The message to Speaker McCarthy is clear: no more additional spending. The mounting national debt, which is barreling toward $50 trillion by 2030, is a burden that our children and grandchildren should not have to bear.

“House Republicans have the opportunity to be hardliners on fiscal policy. They are expected to be the adults in the room. And what are adults often faced with? Making difficult decisions. The majority of American taxpayers support federal spending cuts, and it would do well for House Republicans to meet the moment and win over the electorate with sound, economic solutions that will ensure long-term financial prosperity for every American family.”


FreedomWorks is the leader in calling for fiscal responsibility to return to Washington. As Members of Congress are set to return to Capitol Hill on September 12th to address FY24 spending levels, FreedomWorks continues to advocate for activists to hold Republican leadership responsible for changing our nation’s fiscal trajectory. FreedomWorks encourages every American to engage with their elected officials to stress the importance of responsible government spending.

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