FreedomWorks’ Activists to Senate Republicans: No Hearings, No Votes on Any Obama SCOTUS Nominee

FreedomWorks’ conservative grassroots activists sent nearly 300,000 messages to Senate Republicans urging them to oppose any Supreme Court nominee while President Barack Obama is in office. The messages were sent in less than 24 hours, between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

“It doesn’t matter who the White House names to the Supreme Court, our community has made their position clear: No hearings, no votes while Obama is in office,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “This president has already named two radical liberals to the Court. A third would turn the Court into a den of radicalism for years to come and would do irreparable harm to the Constitution and individual freedom.”

“Senate Republicans who are even remotely considering betraying the conservative grassroots on this issue should think again. Now is not the time to, once again, cave to Obama and Democrats’ demands. Republicans should listen to the grassroots and fight to preserve Justice Scalia’s legacy,” he added.

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